It’s Asparagus Season!

Salmon, asparagus and lemon pasta

Delicious-ness in action.

Early spring is asparagus season. One never to pass up a bargain, I currently have two bundles of $1.99 asparagus in my refrigerator.

I’m a fan of just coating asparagus in olive oil, sprinkling it with some salt and sticking it under the broiler for a few minutes.  But if you want an actual recipe for your asparagus, here is my personal favorite.

It’s easy, delicious and stolen from Jamie Oliver. However, I have taken the liberty of de-English-ing this by removing any quirky phrases and  mention of the metric system.



The recipe:

Half bag of penne pasta
1 Salmon fillet
Bunch of aspargus spears cut into 2 inch pieces
1/2 a zest of a lemon
Juice of a small lemon
2 tbsp double cream
1 tbsp Mild olive oil
2 tbsp butter
Half cup grated parmesan
Salt and pepper

Get Cooking

  • Cook the penne pasta in boiling salted water about 11 minutes until al a dente.
  • Whilst pasta is cooking season the salmon and then place the salmon fillet and asparagus spears into the broiler until cooked through.
  • While the veggie and salmon is cooking, grate half a lemon for its zest and squeeze the lemon for the juice.
  • Measure out 2 tbsp of double cream and 1 tbsp of mild olive oil and weigh out the butter and parmesan.
  • Once pasta is done, drain it and mix in with the pasta the lemon zest, lemon juice, double cream, oil, butter and parmesan and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Now take out aspargus chunks and mix in with the pasta.
  •  Finally, place the salmon fillet on top.

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