I Won’t Be Growing Zucchini

tomato plant in my gardenOne of the things that most excited me about moving out of an apartment and buying a house was the prospect of planting a garden. After a few weeks of hemming and hawing over where to put the plants in the mess of a backyard we inherited from the previous owner, I finally planted my garden two weeks ago.

I’m proud to report that everything is still alive!  I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs (basil, rosemary, dill and cilantro) and three types of peppers. With the rain (and my bordering-on-obsessive watering), everything is looking perky.

I purposely avoided one garden staple: zucchini. I have some not-so-fond memories of being forced to eat zucchini for breakfast (zucchini bread), lunch (minestrone soup) and dinner (grilled zucchini) when my mom’s garden was overrun with the weed, ah hem, vegetable. I may be crying for free zucchini when, come August, I am over come with the desire to make deep fried zucchini petals, but I doubt it.

our just-planted gardenIn searching for a quip I once read about the zucchini conundrum, I found this instead. I think it sums things up well:

The trouble is, you cannot grow just one zucchini.  Minutes after you plant a single seed, hundreds of zucchini will barge out of the ground and sprawl around the garden, menacing the other vegetables.  At night, you will be able to hear the ground quake as more and more zucchinis erupt.
–  Dave Barry

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