I Know What I’m Drinking – Oysters and Strawberries

A friendly pint of oyster stout at Hank's Oyster Bar

It’s a good time to be an Alexandria resident who likes some novelty with her beer. Out in Virginia this week is my favorite Abita Strawberry Lager. I just picked up a six pack from Rick’s Wine and Gourmet, and I’m waiting for it to cool down in my freezer right now. Cool faster, beer!

Oysters, Beer and Charity

On tap over at our friendly neighborhood brewery, Alexandria’s Port City Brewing Company, is the beer come charity project come history project: Revival Stout. In the Irish and British tradition, the beer is made by steeping Chesapeake Bay oyster shells in the brewing water to add mineral content, and then adding the oysters and their liquor to the brew during the boil.

Apparently, the oyster shells add a”briny” quality to the beer.  I can’t comment because I haven’t actually had the beer. It’s on tap at bars and restaurants around DC, but I was unable to find a central list. I’m better Hank’s Oyster Bar in Old Town has it. Update to come.

As for the charity part: 5% of sales from the beer go to benefit the Oyster Recovery Partnership, a non-profit based in Annapolis.  Save those cute, little oysters; have a beer.

Update: Thanks Hank’s Oyster Bar for the friendly pint. I hate to disappoint, but the oyster stout tastes like, um, a stout. Oh well.


  1. Ben Roode says:

    Are you saying you would have been happier had your beer tasted like oysters?

    • Emily says:

      It would have been more interesting at least! I was hoping for a salty, briney taste. I have a soft spot for anything salty.

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