Confession: I hate pumpkin pie and other holiday foods

Just admit it. No one like pumpkin pie

My mom called me a few days ago to ask an important question. “I’m just wondering,” she says. “Is it ok, if — now feel free to say ‘no’ — we have apple cake instead of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Last year, everyone just took a tiny little sliver of the pie, and rest just went to waste. I don’t think anyone likes it!”

Mom, you’re right. No one like pumpkin pie. I have one sitting in my refrigerator right now that my husband made in a fit of fall seasonal-iness. (Just making up words here!) We ate two pieces, and the remainder is still taking up room next to the coffee creamer. Right now as I type this, I feel like I should go throw it out. But I won’t. Special holiday food has a sacredness to it (like a present from a dead relative, a holy scripture or my pile of plastic shopping bags that collect under the sink out of guilt that I forgot my reusable tote, yet again). It can only be tossed in the trash when it actually starts to grow mold.

Yes, I don’t like pumpkin pie. While I’m making this confession, let come grinch-like clean with my other seasonal dislikes:

  • Turkey (most of the time) It’s so dry!
  • Apple cider. Too coyingly sweet.
  • Christmas/Easter ham. Out of all the ways of cooking pork, why this one?
  • S’mores. Love to camp; hate s’mores. Ugh…. marshmallows
  • Peeps. Yuck, more marshmallows
  • Frosting! And most birthday cakes. Yes, I’m the fussy eater at the office birthday parties that just picks at my store bought slice of cake.


  1. Blech, I’m not a fan of most holiday foods either. Don’t like the texture of pumpkin pie, and I’ve never really liked whole roasted turkey. I think ham steaks are bland and boring and peeps are gross. I’m not a huge fan of sugar frosting, but I do like buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

    Since I’ve been doing Thanksgiving in New York with my sister we’ve been mostly sticking to Filipino food since we like that way more than traditional Thanksgiving food.

    I will say, as far as apple cider goes, when it’s fresh-made with a little bit of cinnamon it’s awesome.

  2. Also: Egg nog is gross.

  3. I’m with you on the solid foods, but love both egg nog and whiskey cider. Regular cider is a bit sweet, but once you’ve added some cinnamon, nutmeg, maybe a touch of black pepper, and whiskey, it tastes awesome. Egg nog is good once a year (no more), but I savor that yearly mug. Long story short, I drink too much.

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